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Committee Meeting December 2009 Minutes |  Back to News Index

Victoria Park Community Cricket League
Committee Meeting

Tuesday December 1, 2009
7:30 pm
Held at the White Swan, Highbury Corner, Islington.

Rizwan Siddiqui (Chairman)
Tim Castle (Secretary)
Peter Hollman (Fixtures secretary)
Nigel Richards (Treasurer)
Sajid Rehman (Committee member)

Bert Vandermark (President)
Paul Williams (Committee member)
Steve Hill (Committee member)

- new teams capacity/drop outs
- new conference structure
- substitutes
- Archant sponsorship
- averages/awards
- Victoria Park/Tower Hamlets update

New teams
TC reported he had been contacted by 14 teams expressing interest in joining the league since June. Of these six had responded to his standard request for further information.
No teams have yet said they would drop out for 2010.

Conference structure
PH set out various options for a league of between 24 and 27 teams.
It was agreed we would adopt one of two formats, depending on the number of teams entering.
For 24 or 25 teams, we would modify the structure used in 2009: four initial conferences of six teams, each team playing each other once, (five games per team), with teams proceeding to one of three second stage divisions each with eight teams.
For 26 or 27 teams, we would start with nine conferences of three teams, each playing each other once (two games per team), with teams proceeding to three divisons each with nine teams.
General principle that people want more games against teams of their own standard.

AGM date
It was agreed the AGM would be held at 7pm on Tuesday March 2 at the usual venue, the Royal Inn on the Park, Lauriston Road.

Agreed that RS would draft a supplementary note for Rule 25, explaining the restrictions on late arriving players.

[RS later submitted the following:
5. Fielder absent or leaving the field
If a fielder fails to take the field with his side at the start of the match or at any later time, or leaves the field during a session of play,
(a) the umpire shall be informed of the reason for his absence.
(b) he shall not thereafter come on to the field during a session of play without the consent of the umpire. See 6 below. The umpire shall give such consent as soon as is practicable.
(c) if he is absent for 15 minutes or longer, he shall not be permitted to bowl thereafter, subject to (i), (ii) or (iii) below, until he has been on the field for at least that length of playing time for which he was absent.

These are the laws as related to substitutes….no mention of captain’s perogative….]

Teams to be encouraged to submit season averages. PH had received only three submissions. PH said teams would be able to list their top players on their team page on the website.
RS proposed teams should submit players for an outstanding performance of the season award, eg seven wickets or 100 runs.
NR proposed teams should also submit candidates for a “champagne moment”, for remarkable endeavours or occurances during a game.

Archant sponsorship
Agreed that until we had a specific need to build reserves we would not pursue sponsorship of the league
Noted that photos taken by the East End Advertiser/Hackney Gazette could be bought from the photographer via TGS photos

Victoria Park/Tower Hamlets update
Steve Hill advised via email that the Tower Hamlets Cricket Partnership had submitted a development plan and that the ECB/MCB had guaranteed £500,000 capital.
The committee were unclear what cricket facilities were included in the latest Victoria Park development plan.
TC noted that Colin Stuart, Head of Parks and Open Spaces, had written to the league asking for a letter of support for the £12 million park development bid.
Agreed we could only give qualified support while we were uncertain of the plans for cricket facilities.

Orange balls
Teams that trialled orange balls last season said they liked them, and that they were better than the laminated pink ones. Agreed that use of orange balls all season would be proposed at the AGM.

Season review
Agreed that it had been a good season, particularly when judged by the low level of disputes and matches cried off/abandoned.




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