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Old Fallopians v Vauxhall Cavaliers

Monday 29 July 2008, Victoria Park
Old Fallopians beat Vauxhall Cavaliers by 24 runs

Old Fallopians: 157 for 3 in 16 overs
AK Southey 55 n.o.
F Barrass 40
M Asquith 25
P Barrass 4-0-4-25

Vauxhall Cavaliers: 133 for 7 in 16 overs
Joe 37
Callum 36 n.o.
Dan 22
Alex 1-0-1-33

Mr Southey reduced the Vauxhall Cavaliers to rusty wrecks with a 50 in double quick time. Mr Barrass (junior) drove smoothly to 40, and the OFs screeched off with 157.

Vauxhall Cavaliers were never known for acceleration off the mark, and saw the Fallopians' exhausts disappearing from view.

They were especially confused by Mr Barrass (senior)'s bowling, stepping aside to meet the next leg-side full toss only to find the ball going in a straight line, or carefully steering off-side wides on to their stumps.

The Cavaliers' Alex ended the game in entertaining fashion, drilling his only ball directly through the forehead of Mr Barrass (senior), then continuing to charge up and down the pitch long after the stumps had been removed and the other players had shaken hands.

Nice little runners, these Vauxhall Cavaliers, but a service may be due.

Submitted by Philip Barrass of Old Fallopians


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