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Cup Final: Monopoly v Sky

Thursday 4 August 2005, Victoria Park

Sky won by 77 runs

Sky 155 all out (16 overs)
Nozmul Hussain 60

Monopoly 78 all out (11.5 overs)

Happy boys: Winning Sky team with umpires Steve Hill and Colin

Sky's Rizwan Siddiqui writes: This year's final was contested between first-time entrants Monopoly and league stalwarts Sky, who had been battled-hardened by defeating Caledonian Conquerors, Vallance and Dover Castle en-route to the final. 

Sky having won the toss decided to bat. They started poorly and were 3 down
after 3 overs with 16 on the board. Fortunately for Sky, cometh the hour, cometh the man (of the match!) and Nozmul commenced a merciless counter-attacking onslaught on the Monopoly bowlers and was well supported in the middle order by Imran Yousaf and Rizwan. Although the last two overs yielded only 11 runs the damage had been done and Sky ended up with a total of 155 off their full complement of overs.

The Monopoly batsman started cautiously, however, with wickets falling at regular intervals (from the first over onwards), the momentum they needed to chase down 155 never materialised. Tight bowling from the two Imrans and Rizwan allied with the dangerous leg spin of Kazmi led to the demise of their innings for 78.

Both teams would like to express their gratitude to Colin and Steve for officiating in the final.

Man of the Match (decided by League President Albert Vandermark) - Nozmul
'Alex' Hussain

Sky Innings    
       How Out Bowler Runs  
Imran Khan Bowled Azhar 5  (1 x 4s)
Sarfraz Ahmed Caught Khizar 8  (1 x 4s)
Shahid Ali Bowled Azhar 0  
Nozmul Hussain Bowled M Imran 60  (2 x 6s, 7 x 4s)
Imran Yousaf Run out   27  (3 x 4s)  
Rizwan Siddiqui Not out   31  (5 x 4s)
Ali Kazmi       Run Out   2  
Farooq Hussain       Bowled M Imran 4  
  Extras 18  
  Total 155 (16 overs)
Khizar 3-0-27-1          
Azhar 4-0-25-2          
Zubair 2-0-25-0          
Saqib 1-0-18-0          
M Imran 4-0-33-2          
Babar 2-0-19-2            
Monopoly Innings    
       How Out Bowler Runs  
Saqib Bowled I Khan 25  
Zubair Caught I Yusaf 0  
Razwan Caught A Kazmi 6  
Azhar Caught A Kazmi 3  
Omar Run out   9  (1 x 4s)
Babar Not out   3    
M Imran       Run Out   5  
Khizar Bowled R Siddiqui 13  (1 x 4s)
  Extras 14  
  Total 78 (11.5 overs)
I Yusaf 4-0-15-1          
A Kazmi 4-0-29-2          
I Khan 2-0-9-1          
R Siddiqui 1.5-0-11-1          



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