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Chats Palace v Grasshoppers 2

Tuesday 4 July 2002, Victoria Park
Chats Palace won 

Gary Horsman of Chats Palace writes:

Yes, the entire Hackney Grasshoppers PLC CC have failed to take any points off us this season. Chats were feeling confident when earlier in the week Grassmunchers tried to rerrange the game as their teddy bear mascot was unavailable, until we pointed out what a pickle their first team got into in similar circumstances earlier in the season.

Then, just as the appointed hour arrived they claimed inclement weather, thereby being able to scrape two points from what was always going to be a difficult match for them, until this week's league email chain was pointed out to them, and they realised that their 1st team had stitched them up by actually starting their game on the other pitch!

They then attempted their other usual tactical masterstroke - not let Russel play!

Anyway, Chats batted first and set a bedrock with an opening stand of 70 odd, featuring a masterly 36 by yours truly, only run out by my runner (bad knee), and 45 not out by Robert, this led the way for Ossie to come in and smack 36 of about three balls or something like that.

149 was the target and they were hopeless. Under the withering assault of Chats combimed attack featuring a lovely controlled opening spell by Rike and Keystone Kop running between the wickets, they came nowhere near.

Despite now fielding two members of the same family who can't keep their gobs shut on the cricket field, Grassmunchers once again fell under the Chats Palace spell.

We murdered them! 2 points to Chats.


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