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Chats Palace v Tower Ravens

Monday 24 June 2002, Victoria Park
Tower Ravens won by 129 runs
Tower Ravens 184-6 (16 overs)
(Paul 108*, Jerry 3-18)
Chats Palace 55 all out (14.4 overs)
(Kirk 2-7, Antonio 2-13)

Gary Horsman of Chats Palace writes:

Chats took the field having elected to bowl first, followed about half an hour later by the Ravens, having decided to belatedly drag themselves into the middle. 

Chats, under the fine captaincy of yours truly, embarked upon a cruel demolition job, with the Ravens virtually pleading for mercy.

Then along comes this upstart Paul, their captain, who hoodwinked us into a false sense of a rabbit at the crease by wearing a helmet aginst our spinners, scratched around for a few balls, lobbed a catch to the only player in our team who refuses to catch even a cold, then subjected us to a battering of crude agricultural hoiks and, all of a sudden, he's scored 120 odd out of a total of 180 odd.

What a cheat!

Needless to say that, despite calming and rallying words by Chats captain, yours truly, we went on to beat Tower Ravens, but lose to said public schoolboy, or whatever he is.

Two points to the Ravens then, but I do think it is time the league had a rule that allowed the extensive Chats scouting operation to size up the opposition and have power of veto over their team selections.


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