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Chats Palace v Stoke Newington

Wednesday 12 June 2002, Victoria Park
Stoke Newington won by two wickets
Chats Palace 94-4
Stoke Newington 95-5

Gary Horsman of Chats writes:

Very close match.

Despite yet another griity opening knock from your truly - 15 runs, Chats were restricted to 94 for 4, due in part to the joke condition of outfield (See below), and two of our batsmen get whacked on the head fairly badly!

Despite an hilariously jammy opening from knock from Dave Hewitt, Chats managed to see off all their other dangermen, despite our own 'Keystone Kop' catching efforts. Stoke Newington, however, rediscovered their ability to 'fluke boundaries, and managed to scrape a win by two wickets, with 4 balls left.

Outfield was outrageously bad. The council have spread a massive amount of sand between the two wickets causing balls to virtually stop dead in that area. There was no boundary markings in that area because of this. 

The other areas of outfield could do with a mow anyway. Presumably this sand spreading was part of their off season football pitch preparation!


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