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Wray Crescent 6-a-side tournament 
Saturday 12 May 2001 | back to fixtures

Three VPCCL teams played in this inaugural tournament at Wray Crescent in Islington: Old Fallopians, Pacific and Victoria Lounge. They are highlighted in red.

Group 1
Victoria Lounge beat Washington
Washington beat Hole In the Wall
Hole in the Wall beat Victoria Lounge
Winners: Washington Runners up: Victoria Lounge
Group 2
Pacific beat Old Fallopians
Islington Greespace beat Old Fallopians
Pacific beat Islington Greenspace
Winners: Pacific Runners up: Islington Greenspace
Semi-final: Washington beat Islington Greenspace
Semi-final: Pacific beat Victoria Lounge
Final: Washington beat Pacific

Five overs per side per innings, each to be bowled by a different bowler. Two groups of four teams. Group winners to play in final.

Full rules below tables.

Original timetable below (not all teams turned up in the end, and games took longer to complete than anticipated)

Group 1 Group 2
Glendale Wray Crescent FC
Pentonville Prisoner Officers Islington Greenspace
Victoria Lounge Old Fallopians
Washington Pacific

10.50 am Tournament Preliminaries
11.00 am Glendale v Pentonville Prisoner Officers
11.40 am Wray Crescent FC v Greenspace
12.20 pm Victoria Lounge v Washington
1.00 pm Old Fallopians v Pacific
1.40 pm Glendale v Victoria Lounge
2.20 pm Wray Crescent FC v Old Fallopians
3.00 pm Pentonville Prisoner Officers v Washington
3.40 pm Greenspace v Pacific
4.20 pm Glendale v Washington
5.00 pm Wray Crescent FC v Pacific
5.40 pm Pentonville Prisoner Officers v Victoria Lounge
6.20 pm Greenspace v Old Fallopians
7.00 pm FINAL


Teams will be expected to be ready at the allotted time. Umpiring & scoring will be undertaken by reps from teams not involved. A rota can be drafted if need be. Used match balls will suffice if not provided by Islington. The established cricket clubs will be encouraged to share their own equipment. Islington will be encouraged to provide a scorebook on the day.If teams are level on points, the result between the sides will take precedence.If teams are still equal, runs scored will be the deciding factor with runs scored by a team batting second & losing a match to represent the full 5 over allocation. While runs scored by a team winning a match batting second will be expanded over the 5 overs at the rate scored.In the event that matches are disrupted by inclement weather, bowl outs will be applied.

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