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Victoria Lounge v Pacific

Thursday 7 June 2001, Wray Crescent
Pacific won by five runs
Pacific 131-5
(Shayne Rees 29, Peter Hollman 3-0-18-1)
Victoria Lounge 126-2
(Alistair Dunning 57*, Dan Bird 4-0-39-2)
Pacific (won toss & batted)
Lucius Faisal ct Crutcher Dunning 20
Shayne Rees ct & bowled Crutcher 29
Steve Lay+ ct Richards Bird 16
David Murray run out   26
Mike Alexander run out   4
Matthew Ralph not out   17
Jim Davies not out   7
byes 4 leg byes 2 wides 6 Extras 12
    TOTAL 131
Peter Hollman* did not bat    
E Newby  4-0-37-0    
A Dunning  4-0-22-1    
J Crutcher  4-0-26-1    
D Bird  4-0-39-2    
Victoria Lounge
James Crutcher ct S Lay+ Hollman 25
Alistair Dunning not out   57
Mark Chadwick ct Davies Ralph 1
Terron Miller not out   22
      Extras 21
    TOTAL 126
Nigel Richards, Dan Bird, Elrich Newby and A.N.Other did not bat
M Alexander  1.1-0-5-0    
M Ralph  4-0-30-1    
L Faisal  1.5-0-19-0    
P Hollman  3-0-18-1    
S Rees  2-0-18-0    
J Davies  4-0-32-0    


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